Ponds, Lakes & Water Gardens

working with water in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire since 1980

Bridge construction
Bridge design
Bridge repair

We design, build, repair and install bridges in gardens in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire. We build bridges of uncured green oak, other hardwoods, stone, brick and steel for both pedestrian and garden machinery use.

A bridge, it seems to us, is more than a simple method of gaining access or getting from A to B over a stream or other obstacle. In the garden, the bridge builder must treat a bridge as place to dawdle and consider the water beneath (whether it is still or running) whilst leaning against a rail or parapet. In addition, of course, the bridge must be an attractive architectural feature in its own right.

In the right setting, a bridge can offer an ideal place to congregate and sit - a bridge doesn't have to be a narrow, linear installation.