Ponds, Lakes & Water Gardens

working with water in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire since 1980

Pond leak repair
Water feature leak repair
Watercourse leak repair

Since 1980 (when we started working in and around water) we have made leak repairs in water features ranging from stone troughs, lined ponds, concrete ponds, lakes, rills and watercourses through to leaks in natural streams and water control structures.

We have a particular skill in repairing leaking concrete ponds where such work is justified by the aesthetic merit or provenance of the pond - for instance in a listed garden.

We repair leaks in ponds, water features and watercourses in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire in an area limited by about 60 minutes travel time from our yard at Hindhead (postcode GU26).

Occasionally we are tempted further afield to tackle an historically interesting or challenging project.

Leak tracing (location) in pond, water feature and watercourse

Leak location, particularly in a man-made watercourse, stream or rill can be difficult. We have developed a unique watercourse leak location test protocol which identifies the immediate area from which water is leaking. Pinpointing the site of the leak can significantly reduce the cost of repair.

A recent example of a simple pond liner leak repair:- The cause: a trailer-load of portable chemical loos driven into the pond! Fortunately they were empty!