Pond weed control and plant management

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Naiad Pond Services - Working with water since 1980

We undertake aquatic weed control and plant management in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire.

Aquatic Weed Control in Ponds, Lakes and Watercourses

Invasive native and some introduced species of pond plants and aquatic weeds can become injurious to the overall health of a pond, lake or watercourse. Remedial action should be taken at the earliest opportunity; the problem, if ignored, will only become more acute. Poor water quality encourages unsightly duckweed or blooms of algae both filamentous (blanket weed) and single cell (coloured water). We are not keen exponents of chemical (herbicide) solutions to aquatic plant-related problems. More often than not, such treatments address only the symptoms and not the underlying cause. Instead, we prefer to go back to basics to achieve a healthy long-term functioning ecosystem, whilst at the same time removing/depleting the invasive pond weed and pond plants by mechanical, manual or other means. We work on aquatic plants, emergent species (marginal plants) and bog plants - if it grows in water (even if it is only the tips of its toes) we can deal with it.

Our lake and pond weed control and plant management teams operate in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire within an area limited by about forty minutes travel time from our yard at Hindhead (postcode GU26).

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