Ponds, Lakes & Water Gardens

working with water in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire since 1980

Rock in ponds, streams, waterfalls and watercourses

Stone and rock, when combined with water and when well used, will create visually interesting (even stunning) features in the garden landscape.

During the design and construction of a watercourse, waterfall, stream, pond or lake, the selection of the rock and stone types, quantities and individual pieces in a variety of sizes, positioning the rock and stone in an aesthetic and natural way and, above all, being able to reconcile the use of rock or stone in the surrounding landscape are critical to the success of the visual impact of the resulting feature.

Deciding to build with rock or stone in a landscape where they do not naturally occur requires extensive planning, forethought and consideration if it is to be done at all and is not a step to be taken lightly; even if (especially if) the rock is to be used in and around a water feature.