Child safe pond construction
Child safe pond design


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We design and build child safe ponds in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire.

Child safe ponds

A pond attracts children (as it does adults) and offers opportunity for fun and education. At the same time it represents a hazard - especially to young children. Careful consideration of the rim profiles at the design stage is of paramount importance as is the accessibility of the pond to children.

There are several grid systems that can be built into a pond (of any shape, size or depth) to ameliorate the risks to children associated with a pond. There is always an aesthetic penalty to pay for such installations although some are less intrusive than others. Our preferred option when designing or building a child safe pond and in every case where it is practicable and can be incorporated sympathetically into the overall design of the garden, is to create a child-proof, adult-friendly garden space around the water. This solution permits access to the pond by children under adult supervision only.

We design, build, plant and maintain child safe ponds in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire.

Child safe pond maintenance and planting

Regular inspection and maintenance of an installed grid system is required in order to ensure that it remains effective. Maintenance work on a pond with a child safe grille system is always more time-consuming. Plantings in shallow rims make a safer barrier than a sheer drop into deep water as well as providing excellent habitat for the "mini-beasts" much loved by both children and their teachers.

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