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We design and build duck ponds in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire.

Duck ponds

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A variety of depths of water over a soil base in a heavily planted (native species) established pond with reinforced banks and good bank-side plant cover will naturally support a very small population of duck without detriment to the pond. Change or omit any of the above parameters when building a new duck pond, or reinstating an old one, and all that will be achieved is an unhealthy duck pond "soup". We take a belt-and-braces approach to domestic duck pond design and almost always use heavy duty filtration systems to ensure the pond remains healthy. In addition, when building duck ponds, we will consider exactly how destructive a few duck can be both of plants and of the structure of the pond.

We design, build, plant, maintain, install filtration and repair duck ponds in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire.

Duck pond planting, filtration and maintenance

A few (very few) duck naturally taking up residence in and around a large, well planted wildlife pond where they find shelter and food in a balanced habitat can only add to the enjoyment of life for those who observe them. A few more duck, pinioned and/or attracted by feeding in and around the same pond will overload the balanced ecosystem and turn the pond into a disaster area. We make no apologies for repeating ourselves on this one - overstock at your peril! As with fish, overstocking and feeding duck is injurious to the health of the pond and possibly humans and animals in contact with the pond. Filtration and other augmentation of the natural ecosystem is required if the desire is to keep duck and have a beautiful and safe pond. Bank repair and reinforcement may also be indicated.

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