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Fish pond construction
Fish pond design

When contemplating the construction of a fish pond many factors need to be taken into account. Always best done at the design stage of the project.

For instance:-

Aquatic weed is the basic building block of a good functioning ecosystem in a pond. If the pond is left mainly undisturbed, the aquatic plants will "filter" the pond to maintain good water quality.Kingfisher

Once a pond has established a balanced ecosystem and become a viable habitat, it will naturally support some fish. Disturb the natural balance by, say, removing aquatic plant life, overstocking or feeding the fish, and filtration becomes necessary.

Where fish are being fed in a pond, it is inevitable that eventually the ecosystem will become overwhelmed by rotting uneaten fish food and faecal matter produced by the fish. Filtration is a must in these circumstances if the pond is to survive.

Fish pond filtration, repair, maintenance and planting

Restoration, maintenance and repair works on an existing fish pond often offer an opportunity to improve the quality of the water in the pond as well as the way the pond sits in the landscape. Retro-fitting a new fish pond filtration system and/or redesign of an inadequate old filtration system is always satisfying as the results are so immediately apparent.

We are occasionally asked whether it is possible to have a wildlife style pond without fish. The answer is, of course, yes and, in fact, goldfish and the like are detrimental to a native wildlife pond. That having been said however, we would always recommend the introduction of a few small native fish when the pond has developed enough to provide sufficient food for the introduced fish. As fish are at the top end of the food chain in a garden pond, they perform useful ecosystem balancing tasks such as eating snail's eggs.