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Koi pond construction
Koi pond design

A Koi pond is much more than a simple tank within which to house the fish. These demanding fish require a carefully controlled environment. It is often said by Koi keepers that they are not keeping Koi so much as keeping perfect quality water in which the Koi live.

Exacting standards of both design and koi pond construction are usually required to build a successful pond

All we ask of Koi carp keepers is that they look outside the pond itself to design and build a Koi pond that integrates seamlessly into the surrounding landscape, at the same time as providing the perfect habitat for their fish.

It is eminently possible to have luscious marginal and bog plantings in and around a Koi pond. Lilies are more problematical.

Our credo - beautiful fish in a beautiful setting.

Koi pond - clear water waterfall

Koi pond filtration

Achieving a Koi pond full of really good quality water is not easy or cheap, especially so as the average Koi pond is, by normal fish keeping standards, very heavily stocked. If one then adds considerations about the value of the stock, it is immediately apparent that great care in the design, installation and maintenance of the support and backup filtration systems is of utmost importance.

The basic rules of Koi pond filtration change when the volume of the Koi pond exceeds about 55,000 litres.

Koi pond maintenance, repair and planting

If the desire is to have a beautiful pond full of beautiful fish and low maintenance - don't commission a Koi pond - it will need daily inspection and almost weekly something will need attention.