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We design and build ornamental ponds in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire.

Ornamental ponds

Scale and setting...

Ornamental ponds; the epitome of style.

We hope that all the ponds we build are "ornamental" but there is a type of pond that especially demands the use of this adjective. It has as much to do with the setting within which the feature sits as it does with the evident architectural merit of both the feature and its component parts: gazebo, boathouse, statuary, walled garden, etc. The design of an ornamental pond places a keen emphasis on visually meritorious structure and ornamental pond construction demands craftsmanship skills of the highest order. In recent times, this type of pond has been somewhat neglected and to some extent superseded by the less intellectually demanding (and cheaper) water garden, simple large pond or the more modern interpretation - the city garden pond - which can be quite stunning when done well using water as an architectural material.

Large truly ornamental ponds are still being built in the grounds of substantial houses although we have seen one or two recently where scale appears to have been the order of the day as opposed to ornament. We are always delighted to be asked to consider a truly ornamental pond or lake for either restoration or as a new build. We are happy to liaise with architects on such constructions. However see the note in the "Miscellanea" section below before asking us to become involved.

We design, build, plant and maintain ornamental ponds in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire. We offer a stand alone ornamental pond design service.

Ornamental pond maintenance, repair and planting

We love planting or replanting ornamental ponds and their surrounds - who wouldn't?


We are happy to liaise with architects and others on the restoration and creation of new ornamental ponds and lakes - always provided that the project is specified intelligently. Where a project appears to be specified for a prestigious office block development or public open space, in spite of it being proposed for the grounds of a private house, we will gracefully decline to become involved. In recent years, we have encountered far too many over-specified, over-engineered and over priced, "gravy-train", "foot-under-the-table" projects, designed and overseen by pirates (to borrow a term from Graham Greene) to want to have anything to do with them.

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