Ponds, Lakes & Water Gardens

working with water in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire since 1980

Terrace pond construction
Terrace pond design

A pond built on a terrace (patio), most especially if it is close to the house, affords a splendid opportunity to reflect light into the adjacent rooms. In addition, a terrace pond that is close to, and easily visible from the house, provides an all year round spectacle that can be enjoyed even in the depths of winter.

water lily

The design and construction of a terrace pond offer particular and unique opportunities for creative inspiration. A terrace pond can bridge the gap between the garden and the house without the obvious problems associated with, say, the creation and planting of a light reducing shrub bed in equal proximity to the building. Consideration should always be given to the inclusion of a piece of statuary or other artwork to complement the terrace pond, the landscape and the building.

Terrace pond planting
Terrace pond maintenance and repair

As a terrace pond is almost part of the house, perhaps a little more attention is required to keep it always in tip-top condition.


Frozen fountains look fantastic. The Japanese and Chinese have gardened for centuries with an eye to how the garden will look in the winter - we should too.