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Pond planting

The pond is small, the choice of plants vast so the final selection of plants in, and around, the pond can be difficult.

Create a pond planting wish list and winnow, winnow, winnow to reduce it to manageable proportions. Do not be tempted to plant "one of each", it simply won't work visually. Be prepared to spend a decent budget on this most important element. Think of the plants as clothing the structure and integrating it seamlessly into its environment.

Don't ignore the plethora of plants that thrive in damp soil around a natural pond, they help form the visual transition from water to dry land.

If the pond has been designed well (whatever the size of the pond), the marginal plants will not be planted in beastly baskets which encourage them to grow in peculiar patterns (square, round etc.) never achieving a desirable "natural" look.

We have been planting ponds and making planting plans for ponds and their surroundings since 1980.

If you haven't already done so, see an overview of our pond planting services for more information.