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There are five words that we customarily use to describe the skills required to build a good water garden - exacting, exacting, exacting, exacting and exciting. "Exacting" is self-explanatory, "exciting" requires further explanation thus:

We start with a plan, a design, a scheme, an idea on paper. We love it because we have produced it ourselves or we have fallen in love with somebody else's design (if we didn't we wouldn't have quoted for the work). The water garden construction begins to take shape and, as work progresses, there are innumerable opportunities to tweak the design to make it as good as it can be.

This is "wide-awake" construction at its best. Something as seemingly simple as a single rock orientation and placement can make the difference between ordinary and excellent. Multiply that single action several hundred times, if not thousands of times in a decent size project, and it is no wonder that we have to concentrate hard not to call the resultant water garden "ours".

For over forty years, our construction teams have built water gardens in an area limited by about forty minutes travel time from Hindhead (postcode GU26). Occasionally we are tempted further afield by an unusual or intriguing project.

Water garden construction advice

Our water garden construction service is available to advise on, and specify for, construction, repair and restoration of water gardens. See an overview of our construction services for more information.


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