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working with water in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire since 1980

Rill construction
Rill design
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A type of super-formal stream, the rill offers an opportunity to treat water as an architectural material which, of course, opens up the possibility for eye-catching and intriguing design - not easy to achieve but when it done well a rill has the "wow" factor in spades.

During the design stage of a rill, "elegance" must be the watchword.  Combine elegance with setting and scale in the right proportions, add a pinch of grandeur and possibly a grain or two of light-heartedness to create a spectacle worth having.

Rill construction requires not only a fine eye for attention to detail but also extremely careful selection of the materials to be used in the construction as a single wrong note can ruin the desired effect.

We design and build rills in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire.