Ponds, Lakes & Water Gardens

working with water in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire since 1980


Wildlife and natural, or formal and ornamental; with jetty, bridge or island. The choices are numerous; the possibilities myriad, limited only by imagination.

We design, build, repair, restore, maintain and plant all kinds of pond, from small garden ponds that both nestle in and enhance the ‘gardenscape’, to large, plant-and-wildlife-rich ponds that make spectacular focal points.

winter trees reflected in water

Pond construction Pond design
Pond repair Pond maintenance
Pond planting Pond consultancy

Whatever type of pond we are working on, we bring our thirty years of experience and creative expertise to bear during the consultation and design process to ensure that the resulting feature is not only attractive of itself, but that it will blend into and enhance the surrounding landscape.

We stress the importance of great attention being paid to creating a pond that can support a good functioning ecosystem and specify accordingly. All materials and methods of construction used are suited to the type of pond being worked on.

Pond design and construction is part art, part science and, as far as we are concerned, wholly heart - we consider it worthwhile getting it right. We don't cut corners and we build to last.

Our design and consultancy services are available to inform part or all of any pond, lake, large pond or water garden project both locally and nationwide.

We undertake pond construction in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire. We never have more than two projects running at any one time - we are proud to offer a very personalised and bespoke service.


We are often asked "When is a pond big enough to be called a lake?" One definition we rather like is that a body of water can be called a lake when wind generated wave action causes the banks to erode. We refer to both ponds and lakes as "ponds".