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Water Quality Management

Water quality management, as any Koi pond keeper will attest, is of prime importance to the health of an aquatic feature. The larger the lake or pond, the more likely that the water quality will be stable once established.

Water quality is a key issue to be considered at each and every stage of any works in or around water. Plants in the pond or lake are essential to maintain water quality and provide sustainable habitat. Where plants are not possible or desired then filtration becomes essential.

Where the ecosystem of a pond is being stressed by, say, feeding fish or duck, a good, functioning, correctly specified, filtration system is required to establish and maintain water quality - be it natural filtration (reed bed) or man-made filtration

In larger bodies of water there are many and varied additions (both natural and mechanical) that can be made to improve water quality. Bodies of water do require managing to get the best from them and to maintain them in "tip-top" condition.

We routinely tackle water quality management issues in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire.