Ponds, Lakes & Water Gardens

working with water in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire since 1980

Lakes & Large Ponds

We undertake large pond and lake construction and design in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire (unless we are tempted further afield by a particularly interesting or challenging project).

Lake construction Lake design
Lake repair Lake maintenance
Lake planting Lake consultancy

Creating a body of water that is large enough to be called a lake does not demand a construction methodology that differs substantially from that used in building what we describe as a "large pond". More muscular perhaps, and offering a larger canvass for reflections and so on but, in essence, the same principles apply.

sunlight on water

Our lake design and lake consultancy services are available to inform part or all of any lake or large pond project both locally and nationwide.

Because the author of this page (the founder of NPS) spent a large part of his childhood messing about in and on a lake (Lough) of 10,500 hectares, we describe more or less every body of water we come across (or build) in the south of England as a "pond" not a lake.