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Weeping willow over pond

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We design and build natural ponds in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire.

Natural ponds

Weeping willows brushing the surface of the water...
The peace and quiet of a stretch of water found in a glade in a wood...
Wind rustling in a stand of reed...

Well-sited water - a sight to enjoy all year round.

Many ponds that are described as "natural" are, in fact, man-made ponds - the description being applied to the way a pond sits 'naturally' in the landscape or, to put it another way, the pond looks ‘right’. The use of natural materials to build a pond, for instance a pond with a puddled clay base or a pond excavated in a naturally wet area with a high water table, might also attract the term "natural pond". In the South of England, where we build natural ponds, there are very few truly natural ponds (or lakes for that matter). It gives us enormous pleasure to be able to design and build a pond that sits ‘naturally’ in the landscape. We always feel that the description of a man-made pond as ‘natural’ is a tremendous compliment to the creator.

We design, build, plant, maintain and repair natural ponds in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire.

Natural pond planting, repair and maintenance

A natural pond requires looking after just as much as any other pond to keep it in good condition - left to its own devices, the ecosystem in the pond will, over time, slowly degrade.

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