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On-stream pond silt removal
On-stream pond dredging

Where there is a stream running through the garden and a desire to create a pond, the immediate and simplest solution would appear to be to dig a pond in the line of the stream. Howeve rthere are one or two pitfalls inherent in this type of on-stream pond construction

The main hurdle is that there can be no control of the water entering the pond; neither its quantity nor its quality and of course that means the on-stream pond will silt up rapidly.


The preferred configuration for a stream-fed pond is one where the stream bypasses the pond, simply topping up the pond as it flows past. Maintenance of the pond is reduced considerably as siltation rates are significantly lower.

We dredge silt from on-stream ponds and repair water control structures and leaking pond banks. We have devised a method of creating an "in pond" bypass stream to mimic the preferred off-stream construction of a stream-fed pond, thereby reducing the rate of future siltation.



The bad news is that, in the past, on-stream ponds were created in naturally boggy ground adjacent to a stream and in the process destroyed valuable wetland habitat.

The good news is that the upkeep of an on-stream pond is often so expensive that many are being allowed slowly to return to their natural state.