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Naiad Pond Services - Working with water since 1980

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Naiad Pond Services started in 1980 with one man (new career) and a van doing what the man loved best - messing about with water (still at prep school even after all these years, I am glad to report). In those days there were few people specialising in ponds, lakes and water gardens. So few in fact that when Naiad Pond Services contacted the esteemed gardening magazine (The Garden) published by the Royal Horticultural Society in order to arrange to advertise therein, there was no section in the classified advertising pages for Water Gardening. We are still proud to have opened that section and to have been, over the intervening years, pioneers in techniques and skills required to create stunning water features. We believe we are still in the van on this one.

Since our inception in 1980, we have worked for some wonderful people in some stunning gardens and, inevitably, we have developed somewhat from the original business set-up. We are still small (even microscopic) having evolved into an informal group of associates who are able to offer a very personal and bespoke set of specialist pond, lake and water garden services to private clients in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire. STOP PRESS - Now available in Somerset for design, consultation and plantings too - Why? Because one of the team has semi-retired there - to a property by The Levels, obviously!

Naiad Pond Services still provides an unparalleled expertise in ponds, lakes and water gardens from which our clients are able choose those elements, and only those elements, that they require.  We do no commercial work. We absolutely love what we do; we pride ourselves in doing it well and without compromise.

Naiad Pond Services, has worked with and around water in all its various forms in private gardens and grounds in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire since 1980. We are occasionally tempted out of our normal stamping ground by an intriguing, challenging or historically interesting project - but it really does have to be seriously interesting otherwise the time spent on the road becomes unbearable (both for us and from a cost point of view, for you).

Our design services are available to inform water garden, pond or lake projects. If you want to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us.


... and our work

In everything we do, we endeavour to bring the sum of our accumulated experience to bear.

We rarely have more than one project running at a time because we feel that to do so might adversely affect the level of personal service we deliver. Work we undertake is carried out in a tidy and workmanlike manner, always respecting the environment in which we are working. We are usually booked ahead by around six to eight months - sometimes longer.

We undertake projects ranging from the miniscule to those lasting several months. We are very aware that we are your guests while we are working on a project in your garden or grounds. Although we are there to do a job of work, we constantly consider your needs, and will liaise with you on a daily basis, not only about the progress of the works, but also peripheral issues such as your requirement for quiet at certain times (BBC radio car parked in the drive!), or any one of the hundreds of ways that having work done can affect your daily routine.

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