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Pond planting

Naiad Pond Services - Working with water since 1980

We make aquatic, marginal and bog plantings and plans for plantings in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire.

Plantings in and around Ponds, Lakes and Water Gardens

Plantings not only gladden the eye and enhance the landscape within which they sit but are also instrumental in creating a functioning, balanced ecosystem in and around ponds. lakes and water gardens. Planting - The essential finishing touch, to be borne in mind and looked forward to, right from the start of any project. Dare we say 'The best bit!'

Aquatic and marginal plants do best when planted/transplanted in the the full flood of growth. We make these plantings from May to early August. We design planting plans, create plant friendly habitat and make plantings in ponds, lakes, water gardens and their surroundings and we love doing it!

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Our planting teams operate in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire within an area limited by about forty minutes travel time from our yard at Hindhead (postcode GU26). Our design services are available to create planting plans and advise on plantings in and around ponds, lakes and water gardens.

Planting plans - we make them

A statement on which to ponder:- The area and volume of a wildlife pond is germane to the number and diversity of plant species it is likely to support. A selection of native flora planted both in and around the pond is a prerequisite for attracting and keeping a wildlife-rich pond. The culmination of any wildlife pond construction; its planting.

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