Water garden planting

Water lilies in flower

Naiad Pond Services - Working with water since 1980

We plant water gardens in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire.

We have been planting water gardens and making planting plans for water gardens and their surroundings since 1980.

The water garden construction is complete (or it is an existing refurbished water garden?) so now it is time to transform the bare bones of the water garden into a fully fledged garden - after all, any garden is mainly about plants (or should be). A planting plan is instigated for the wet, damp and dry areas. Behold! Total, absolute magic that will get better and better as time passes. Crack open a bottle of something fizzy and enjoy! See an overview of our planting services for more information.

Water garden planting plans

Our water garden planting advice service is available to specify for planting in and around water gardens. We design planting plans for those that want to adopt a DIY approach as well as garden designers and landscape contractors.

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