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Like water gardens, a watercourse is simply a coherent and aesthetic combination of some of the basic elements described elsewhere in these pages - ponds, waterfalls, cascades, rills and so on, all sensitively integrated into the landscape.

Contrary to popular opinion, a watercourse is probably best installed in gently sloping ground rather than on a steep incline; although a steep slope can offer good opportunities for spectacular waterfalls as part of a watercourse.

Sufficient space must be available to create a watercourse embedded in the ground in which it sits as otherwise it will appear either to have been superimposed on the landscape rather than integrated with its surroundings or it will present as a a singularly unattractive linear strip or channel.

Boulders in a watercourse

We design and work in and around both natural and lined watercourses.

We design, build, repair and plant watercourses in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire.