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Wildlife pond construction
Wildlife pond design

To construct a wildlife pond that encourages a variety of native species to visit and take up residence both in and around the pond demands the ability to build, establish and maintain a balanced and healthy ecosystem. By creating a varied habitat in the pond itself, and in the immediate vicinity of the pond by using predominantly indigenous plants, native wildlife will find not only a "home" but also a rich source of sustenance.

We have over 30 years experience in building and designing wildlife ponds


We design and build new wildlife ponds and undertake works to improve the habitat offered by, and the ecosystem of, existing wildlife ponds in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire.

In designing and specifying for work on a wildlife pond, we consider not only the creation of wildlife habitat but also, and very importantly, the aesthetic appeal of the pond and how best to situate it in the surrounding landscape.

Wildlife pond planting

The area and volume of a wildlife pond is germane to the number and diversity of plant species it is likely to support. A selection of native flora planted both in and around the pond is a prerequisite for attracting and keeping a wildlife-rich pond.

The culmination of any wildlife pond construction; its planting. We love it.