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Water table pond construction
Water table pond design

Building a water table pond is, without doubt, the cheapest form of pond construction - simply dig a suitably-shaped hole and watch it fill with water. The excavation, of course, may present some problems if the ground to be excavated is particularly soft. Or, is that correct? There just might be a pitfall or two to be overcome on the way.

We build, design, line and plant water table ponds in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire.

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Water table pond lining

Creation of a water-table pond is often not quite as simple as it may sound. The level of water in the ground fluctuates season on season; sometimes massively. We have been consulted on innumerable occasions about dried up holes that were "full to the brim last winter". The solution to this particular set of circumstances is to line and re-engineer the excavation which, in itself, presents a further set of challenges; in particular those related to the possible rising of the lining when the water-table is high in the surrounding ground.

Where a liner is not to be used in an area of high water-table in the winter and a considerably reduced level in the summer, large excavations of the surrounding landscape are indicated.

Water table pond planting

A water-table pond with a fluctuating water level will support only a limited number of species of native plants. Cultivar and ornamental marginal plants that require a stable water level will either be drowned in the winter or parched in the summer.