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Formal pond construction
Formal pond design

Closely related to the ornamental pond, the formal pond is a particular style of pond that takes inspiration from classical architecture, with clean, geometric lines and often symmetry being of vital importance to the design.

When building a formal pond, just as in making any design that features simple lines and symmetry, craftsmanship is paramount. A single wrong note will destroy the entire effect. The same, of course goes for formal pond design - it needs to be great to start with.

day lily

A key feature of the formal pond is the placing of the sky on the ground by reflection. The loose flowing informality of clouds and light make a stunning counterpoint to the formality of the structure. In the right setting a formal pond can be grandly spectacular. Plonked in the wrong place, they can look like swimming pools - simply dull.

Modern interpretations of formal pond design tend to lose the symmetry while keeping the geometric lines. The designing of a new formal pond, or the restoration of an old, neglected, or mistreated one, is always a stimulating experience.