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Concrete pond construction
Concrete pond design
Concrete pond repair

Concrete used as a material for pond construction is usually limited to Koi ponds and occasionally very formal ponds. In most new concrete pond constructions we are able to replicate the concrete pond appearance (should that be desired) without concrete being the main means of creating the pond.

From a design point of view, the use of concrete for pond construction can be somewhat limiting, most especially so where an attempt is being made to create a pond with a "natural" look.

Repair and restoration of a decaying or defunct concrete pond can be worthwhile where the feature to be restored has architectural or historic merit. For this purpose we have, over the years, developed a method of restoring concrete pond structures using more flexible materials and at the same time retaining the concrete "look" of the feature.fall

Often, however, the "death" of a concrete pond offers us a splendid opportunity for rethinking how the pond relates to the landscape in which it is situated and, perhaps, how its impact on that landscape could be improved.

Concrete pond planting

 Plantings in concrete ponds can of course be made in containers but we dislike the use of planting baskets on marginal shelves - they never make a satisfactory planting. We have developed methods for planting the margins of concrete ponds that eliminate the use of planting baskets.