Large pond & Lake restoration
Large pond & Lake repair

We repair and restore lakes and large ponds in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire.

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Lake restoration

Removal of many years accumulation and deposition of silt and other debris is often required to restore a lake to its former glory. This is particularly the case where the lake or large pond has been built on-stream. Neglected water control structures and bank maintenance also play their part in the degradation of a lake or large pond. Water quality management and managing invasive plants present some challenging issues in the restoration of a neglected lake.

Lake Repair

Leaks and bank erosion, as well as repairs to structures such as jetties, boathouses and weirs are the staple diet of large pond and lake repair work.
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Large pond and lake repair and restoration advice

Our lake and large pond restoration advice service is available for the repair and rehabilitation of lakes and large ponds. See an overview of our repair and restoration service for more information.

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