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working with water in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire since 1980

Pond construction

Simple enough, you might think - dig a hole, line it or make it waterproof in some other way and add water. Well ..... yes, and then again (resoundingly) NO!

The pond builder must not only have a decent design concept and sensible specifications around which to work but must also possess a skill set far exceeding that of the average landscaper, gardener or general builder to make a success of the project. In particular, being able to complete the work without having anything other than an imaginary line to work to - the water level or levels. This might sound simple but it is probably the single most difficult concept for non-specialist pond builders to encompass in their work and understanding of pond construction.

As you might expect, loving working with water, having a good understanding of aquatic ecosystems and, above all, practiced experience add positively to the pond construction.

Our pond construction and consultancy service is available nationwide.

We have been building ponds since 1980 in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire. Our pond construction teams operate in an area limited by about 60 minutes travel time from Hindhead (postcode GU26). Occasionally we are tempted further afield by an unusual,r intriguing or challenging project. We do not work in central London.

If you haven't already done so, see an overview of our pond construction services for more information.