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Mill pond restoration
Mill pond repair

As far as we are aware, nobody is creating new mills at this time. There are, however, numerous mill ponds that have become part of a private garden where, of course, the mill pond makes a stunning feature. Often suffering from years of neglect the mill pond may need a little tender loving care to restore it to its full potential.

mill wheel

Over the years, we have undertaken works as diverse as reduction of water noise, silt removal, planting, repair of water control structures (weirs, gates and bypass leats) and works on the banks of these interesting and historic examples of early mechanisation.


In considering the purchase of a mill house complete with mill pond, be aware that it is advisable to have the pond surveyed as carefully as the house before committing to buy. We know a mill pond that cost more to repair and make safe than the cost of the house with which it was bought - a bit of a shock to the new owner.