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We design and build garden ponds in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire.

Garden ponds

Light dancing on water...
A home for fish, frogs, toads...
Water lilies....

A pond adds enchantment and enlivens even the smallest of gardens.

Garden ponds, a term usually describing a pond of a semi-formal nature in a small garden, possibly including some sort of moving water such as a fountain or small stream. These ponds create wonderful opportunities for the introduction of attractive planted habitat to encourage wildlife into the garden. A garden pond must be designed carefully to enhance rather than detract from its setting – the garden pond construction should integrate the feature into the surrounding landscape without making a statement that is too bold. Garden ponds are proving to be an important resource for our native wildlife. In fact, building a garden pond that is designed to be wildlife friendly is likely to be the single best thing one can do to encourage and support wildlife in the garden. The design and construction of a garden pond in a small space is always challenging - a challenge we relish. It is often even more challenging to "lift" the look of an existing garden pond during repair and restoration works.

We design, build, plant, maintain and repair garden ponds in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire.

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